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Ms P. and the terrible underutilization of Malawi’s human capital

Originally posted on MethodLogical:
P. (name redacted for her privacy, unless she tells me she’d rather have me post it here) is one of the strongest candidates I interviewed for a position as a supervisor on my project. Smart and motivated, she’d like to end up starting her own business someday. But she couldn’t find…

On Kundera and Other Things

Yes Pavel, I have watched Kaufman’s The Unbearable Lightness of Being (1988), and was a little surprised that it should be an American production, and filmed in France. I also re-read The Joke, and realized that any understanding that I may thought I had hangs upon the thinnest of threads. There are things that are surprisingly […]

Play “Red” and Some Dreadful Posters

John Logan’s “Red” is currently on stage at Seoul Arts Center, with Shin-il Kang and Ji-sang Han. Now that I’ve seen it, the Rothko rooms in Tate Modern are on my bucket list. ROTHKO: Everything becomes everything else and it’s all nice and pretty and likeable. Everything is fun in the sun! Where’s the discernment? Where’s the […]