Pre-ISNIE – reports from Durham

Guess where I am – in Durham! 13 hours time difference means that you hit the sack when the sun rises here, but I am trying very hard to keep awake. Tried, mind – fell asleep at 8 pm and woke at 4 am. Sorry, Carissa. I did try to keep quiet.

I had my first Uber and Airbnb experiences in Raleigh and in Durham. Mr. Cleo, my Uber driver from Raleigh, and Carissa, my hostess, were both very kind and considerate. The latter has a 10-year-old Corgi, who planted wet kisses on my face as soon as I crouched down to say hello. I can’t believe that such systems as Uber and Airbnb are actually working – data from these new firms will be fascinating. 45 USD a night and you get your own bathroom, a good futon in a private room, and breakfast too. The world is being geared toward a more consumer-friendly atmosphere in all sorts of unlikely places, and as a consumer the change is quite remarkable.

The Ronald Coase Institute dinner is tonight, and I plan to walk to Law School to see if it is walkable. Not recommended by most people, but the thing is taxis are expensive and public transportation only every hour or so. I walked to Food Lion and Guglhupf yesterday and people were staring as if I was doing something outrageous – maybe they don’t really see Asians in this neighborhood? Or just pedestrians in general? For God’s sake… I turned down all offers for water or rides. America needs to get a bit more pedestrian-friendly.


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