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John Steinbeck. (1952). East of Eden.

One thing I love about Kindle is that I can highlight the passages, and then go back to delete them. This has become tremendously important because I itch to mark and underline books when I read them, and yet with some books you cannot do that, either because the really important passages come later (and […]

Miyuk Gook aka Seaweed Soup aka Korean Postpartum Soup aka Birthday Soup

Originally posted on Muffin Top:
I like to imagine the first time someone looked at a bunch of kelp on a beach and decided to boil a big pot of soup with said clump of seaweed. Maybe someone really hungry. Or someone really creative. Or totally broke. Or all of the above. And rejoicing in…

Joseph Conrad. (1899). Heart of darkness.

The days are getting longer. They stretch out before you and melt away, while one feels suffocated with dread. I read. Vonnegut, Pamuk, and Steinbeck are piled before me. They are my tin soldiers, comforting, protecting. The great wall of vegetation, an exuberant and entangled mass of trunks, branches, leaves, boughs, festoons, motionless in the […]