Happy New Year, 2015

DSC-RX100M2 1/30 f/1.8 10.4mmDSC00383


Happy new year! Christmas at Hanoi was a great fun–made a few friends from German to Vietnamese, realized how much my French and Japanese have deteriorated, and brought back a bottle of Son Tinh liquor of rose apple flavour (Táo Mèo) back home. On the 29th I shared it with Cloud and the rest of the gang, and I emerged quite unscathed, while others apparently fared much, much worse. 27% vol. The Noi Bai International Airport does sell Vietnamese liquor. Look around and do not be fooled by shop attendants who do not pay much attention beyond their own small souvenir shops.

I will miss the Vietnamese coffee.

So. New year. I turn 25 soon. A quarter of a century. I really don’t know what to think. Until admission, I plan to read a lot of articles, learn to Python, study differential equations, dig into network analysis (I favor Professor Goyal’s book), and work (Professor Choi will give me a TA job next semester), read Conrad and Maugham’s works that I have not read, undergo lasik surgery, and earn a bit more money with English translation works. Of course, other people’s response was mostly, “Just be lazy as you can and enjoy yourself to the fullest–this is your last chance to be.”

Admission was costly.

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