Avocado Toast is Everything

The Eating Table

It has swept the nation and is on menus everywhere.  It’s the simplest idea, and has an endless number of options.  It’s Avocado Toast.

Seriously, avocados, on a piece of toast.  It almost seems too simple, but it’s a delicious treat, and a great breakfast, like I had this morning.

Now, when it comes to the avocados, I prefer them mashed.  I know a lot of recipes and restaurants will serve sliced avocado on the toast, and it does look very elegant, but if you’ve ever tried to bite in to a piece of it, the avocado inevitably slips off.  This happens on sandwiches too: the sliced avocado is the first thing to fall out, and, I mean, is there anything worse?

(What’s that you’re saying? War? Famine? Not having any avocados? Ok fine, yes, there are far worse things, but I still don’t have to like it.)

You can add anything to…

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