Spinach, Mushroom (and Hummus) Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Cara's Cookbook

Today is National Grilled Cheese Day 2015! Who knew?! It’s a good thing I decided to save this grilled cheese recipe for a day like today.

My biggest grilled cheese tip is a tip from my mama: the microwave is your friend. I’m not a huge fan of any version of the Kraft American Cheese singles, so it takes a while for any grilled cheese of mine to reach the ideal gooey consistency that creates a “cheese bridge” when you cut the sandwich in half and pull it apart. So, I nuke the sandwich a bit before it ever goes near the pan. The trick is to know your microwave. Because if you over do it, the cheese melts instantly and the bread is soggy. Yuck. Proceed with (mild) caution.

My secondary tip for a grilled cheese is that if you’re like me and you can never get the…

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