May and June schedules to come

X asked me what I planned to do during the summer, and there was so little I could write in these tiny Whatsapp lines, I simply wrote down, travel a lot. But there is so much more than that! May will bring Joan flying from the States, and I hope that eleven years will melt away in a wink of an eye. Then will come the day I will be Sarah’s photographer, shooting her wedding snaps. Dave is also next in line! I sent Sarah a picture of myself taking out five books on “How to photograph people correctly with a DSLR” or summat, and her delight was unrestrained. Then I will wander around Jeju for nearly two full weeks, and climb Mt. Halla for the first time in my life. Forget Hong Kong, I will have very little savings left after Jeju. Also, since I have abandoned any lectures for the sake of the three papers I have to write until June, I suppose I need to gear up for a study mode again before I leave.

Though I decided for a bike or a scooter, I do intend to practice driving and obtain a driver’s license as soon as I arrive at California, so a considerable part of July should be spent on driving practice sessions, while I pack away and leave my old life behind item by item. I am actually practicing throwing things away, every three to four items a day. I have never realized I had so many unnecessary things in my room and in my grad carrel. Simplifying your life seems to take much more effort than i thought.

Oh, and I joined a voluntary diet group made by a fellow student, a group chat of twenty people ranging from age twenty-one to twenty-nine. They talk about rhomboids and hammer strength equipment all day, and seem to live only on chicken breast, eggs, bananas and other assortment of fruits, yogurt, oatmeal, rye bread, coffee, and protein powder. Good lord. But the amazing part is that within two weeks with them I managed to lower my body fat percentage by another one percentage point–my lowest in a few years. I definitely plan to stick with them as long as I can.

I threw away my conclusion yesterday and danced away the afternoon near the Han river. Oh, Pina! Dance, dance, otherwise we are lost–and look at me, I have even misaligned my coat buttons. Then of course I had to stay up all night. Such short-term dynamic preference reversals. But it is hard to be rational about your very first paper that you are submitting, however bad it may be.

I am restoring balance, step by step.

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