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Late canola blooms and whatnots

Banpo Hangang Park – Seorae Island Rings of flowers in front of the university museum. Now, I am usually very knowledgeable on flowers, but with this one I am baffled. Advertisements

Healthy Gemista

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Most days I know exactly what I’m going to eat for lunch and cook for dinner, while still eating breakfast. But sometimes I get a day where I’m completely clueless and indecisive, which leaves me walking up and down Woolworths searching for inspiration on what to make. Yesterday was one of…

Recipe: Grilled Corn Mexican Style

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Grilled corn Mexican style Those street vendors know what they’re doing. The intense heat of the grill causes the corn kernels to caramelize. You know it’s hot enough when they start to make a cracking noise, like popcorn. Serves 4-8. Ingredients: 4 ears good fresh corn (cut in half…