A few more updates

Number 1: The visa interview was finished in twenty-five seconds and the passport sent back to me in two days. Remarkable.

Number 2: Health check results were all cleared as well–I apparently have a fairly low resting heart rate, forty-four per minute, but the doctor said this is mainly because I work out often. Good for you, he slapped me in the shoulder, and see you next week for your Mantoux test and meningitis vaccination.

Number 3: The full cohort list came out as well. One Russian, one Moldovan, two Chinese, and me. No Americans. Only five in all. Mmmf.

Number 4: Found great merchandise at Insadong. I seldom say such things there, but there was this great artist selling fans. Bought one for the upcoming mother’s birthday, and another for Edward. I plan to go back there in early August to buy more gifts.

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