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Most days I know exactly what I’m going to eat for lunch and cook for dinner, while still eating breakfast. But sometimes I get a day where I’m completely clueless and indecisive, which leaves me walking up and down Woolworths searching for inspiration on what to make. Yesterday was one of those days. And my thought process went something like this:

What about lamb meatballs with a mint salad… Ah there’s no minced lamb. Ok, beef meatballs will do… Oh wait, that includes breadcrumbs which doesn’t work with the new family ‘no carbs in the week’ diet… What about chicken and pepper kebabs. But we had chicken yesterday… Ok then gemista (tomatoes stuffed with rice and minced meat), butminus the rice – no carbs – and maybe add in some mushrooms and have some zucchini on the side?

So the result, if anyone is looking for no carb/healthy…

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