Number 1: Gathering co-authors is like collecting dragon balls. You can never get them to have a full meeting.

Number 2: I successfully explained Logit Quantal Response Equilibrium and solved the problem without my notes in the TA Session. Now comes the final exam on Tuesday. Excitement ensues.

Number 3: I shot down zombies in my first House of the Dead 4 experience. Edward played James Taylor and me Kate Green. Apparently Edward’s gun never worked so essentially I carried the team, but I never realized because I was nearly out of my wits shooting and reloading. The duo did not go far through the sewers, and I am never playing that game again (not that I think Edward will be willing to take me again anyway).

Number 4: There is a difference between programming and coding, began the Poet hesitantly, and you must learn that difference. Oh blimey, but will I have the time?

Number 5: Jacob Whitesides’ Ohio is tugging at a few heartstrings.

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