Bicycle Safety Classes of Los Angeles

These LACBC street cycling skills classes–101A and 101B–were excellent, took up my last weekend before math camp, but not regrettable. I especially thank Rio and Wayne, who did a wonderful job in East Los Angeles. I would recommend them to any bike riders out there. Lessons learned:

  • Impeding the flow of traffic means that there are five or more vehicles behind you that cannot pass. Courtesy counts in such cases.
  • Take routes 1 south or north of your arterial road.
  • Scan-signal-scan. Both hand and body signals are important.
  • There are numerous kinds of left turns. Remember, you can always get off your bike and become a pedestrian.
  • Mind your safety bubble. You have a right to take the lane. Negotiate with the traffic like a vehicle and no one will hurt you.

Now I can ride confidently on the streets. I might want a water bottle case, a basket, a safety vest, a bike bell, or a rear view mirror (perhaps on the helmet) later.

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