Updates of early October


Now it really looks like you are in Caltech, mused Lawrence. The second PhD Movie was even better than the first one, and I bought the latest book just to get Jorge Cham’s autograph–and it was well spent!

I now have a Canadian (and Quebecois), British, French, Spanish, German, Dutch, Swiss, Moldovan, Greek, Turkish, Russian (and Russian-American), Brazilian, Chilean, Chinese, Japanese, Taiwanese, Malaysian, and Indian friends that I actually hang out with. Of course, there are also Koreans, Korean-Americans, and real U.S. citizens too. The total of all first-year grad students is less than 260, so you get to know pretty much everyone soon. The most notable one of course is Joshua, who is one of the coolest and nicest people I have ever met. Including him, I have successfully drawn four friends into Lindy Hop, the other three being two Germans and one Canadian, and there may be more coming next week. I love them all so dearly already.

Coursework is ever more interesting, and I am very glad to be here, but I have a sensation that I am being cornered by the day. If only I could stretch the time! And god help me, cannot they please agree on notations and definitions?

p.s. I earned my driver’s license last week! I’m glad I dealt with it successfully within the first month.

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