Wrist pains and other updates

  • Wrist pains–if only they would subside, things would be so much easier. I am mostly relying on kinesiology tapes at the moment. MRIs did not show anything, and only left a 500USD bill.
  • I like living in California, though it is indeed dry and rhinitis has worsened. I cannot imagine what I would be doing if I landed myself in Michigan. After five years here, I am pretty sure that I’d be muttering “I don’t do cold” at someplace other than California. However, I must admit that my hair is getting a bit too much sun-kissed. It’s fast losing its colour and turning a lighter shade of brown.
  • There was a self-confidence workshop that was dubbed “Imposter Syndrome” on Wednesday, and we shared things. I talked of knowing only how to go overboard, not knowing where to balance unnecessary perfectionism/dread and feasibility, and feeling as if what I am building up is not concrete but rife with holes. I made a woman cry.

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