Inadvertently turning into a CS freshman

I did not know that I’d be diving (inadvertently) into full-scale political science. Now I need to do MySQL, Amazon AWS EC2, Linux on an Oracle VirtualBox, cURL, … Where on earth am I going? I guess I have to build a better computing machine in the end (grimaces). By the way, Swirl package in R is cool.

But seriously, grappling with about four different programming language is a bit too much, especially when you are not proficient in any one of them.

I tried to book Hamilton coming to LA, but it was more than 450USD per person, so yikes, maybe at a later date.

Somebody at the astrophysics department was getting rid of the recent three-year’s worth of The New Yorker, so I ran off to get the box-full of old magazines and feasted on the sentences.


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