Dancer from Sun Comes Up music video

I really like Rudimental and also James Arthur, so it is quite natural that I admired Sun Comes Up when I ran across it on Apple Music. What I didn’t do was watch the music video when it came out—which I did only three days ago.

Holy cheesecakes, I couldn’t believe I missed it, I liked it so much. But what surprised me was how difficult it was to find who the main dancer—and the other crew—was. I had to carefully comb through YouTube comments (double-checked using Facebook and Twitter) to find that the main dancer was Sjay Ngoma. (Apparently the choreography was done by Keegan Barnes, while I’m at it.)

Given in most other Disclosure videos, there is at least a couple names of the production team—the music video for Latch even has an IMVDb profile with names of the entire cast—I’m wondering why there’s no official mention of who these dancers are. Is it because they were not famous to begin with? Of course, each of their songs are unique, and not comparable in many dimensions anyway. But hey, they clearly displayed who the cast and crew were for Not Giving In, even all fourteen “Rival B-Boys”, why not the same for Sun Comes Up? This South African dance crew didn’t get the credit they deserve.

I know I’ll regret spending time to write this tomorrow morning when I had very limited sleep, but whatever.






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