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Easy Garden Bruschetta

Originally posted on Crowded Earth Kitchen:
Today’s recipe isn’t rocket science, folks – bruschetta is peasant food. Like most peasant food, making bruschetta is a way of taking little bits and specks of leftovers and reimagining them into something delicious! You’ll need small quantities of fresh vegetables, a few slices of not-very-fresh bread, and a bit of cheese. Surely…

Day 33: Bruschetta con pomodoro

Originally posted on cookwithmir:
Today, I was inspired by our loaf of just stale bread- what’s the best way to get flavor and enjoyment out of something that I’d normally just throw away? The answer came to me as bruschetta, topped with tomatoes. According to my research, bruschetta actually only refers to the toast, often…

on a bed of veggies

Originally posted on notes and frills:
I started cooking when i moved out of my parents’ home simply because out of necessity. I did not take any formal schooling on cooking but i could cook. My kids used to ask me what i cooked for them and i just say i don’t know or just…