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Ph.D. Visiting Days and Trips in Between

Nikon D3300, AF-S Nikkor 35mm F1.8G DX It took me thirteen years to return to the windy city, and it felt frighteningly new and unrecognizable. Only when I saw the lake and the skyline did I breathe a sigh of relief. Snowshoe guided me through the jargon of photographers and very patiently explained how to adjust ISO […]

Short Tokyo trip

Go abroad, said Snowshoe, you will never have such a time again in your life. I will, I replied. Ten months flew past and now I cannot feel much. It is indeed an odd feeling. It has been four years since my last visit. Tokyo had not changed much. I stumbled by a place with a […]

Happy New Year, 2015

DSC-RX100M2 1/30 f/1.8 10.4mm Happy new year! Christmas at Hanoi was a great fun–made a few friends from German to Vietnamese, realized how much my French and Japanese have deteriorated, and brought back a bottle of Son Tinh liquor of rose apple flavour (Táo Mèo) back home. On the 29th I shared it with Cloud and […]