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Akerlof, G. A., & Kranton, R. E. (2010). Identity Economics: How Our Identities Shape Our Work, Wages, and Well-Being

The book is not long, and it was indeed a quick read, and like Gneezy and List’s The Why Axis the writing is aimed for a more general crowd. This had its merits and demerits, as some found it fascinating and some found it to be “watered-down sociology.” The explicit concept and term `identity economics’ seems to be now incorporated […]

Fabio Rojas. (2011). Grad Skool Rulz.

I had some doubts as I paid two dollars for this pdf, but my god, I should have bought more copies for my loved ones (mostly fellow grad students) as Christmas gifts. It quickly sorted out all the tacit knowledge that I gathered laboriously over the years and went so much beyond. I skipped much of […]

Rubinstein, A. (2012). Economic Fables.

I believe every graduate student of economics should read this book. It is not that I support everything in this book, and one Amazon review has it right that Professor Rubinstein is trying “to challenge the entire discipline of economics, to draft sweeping indictments against it.” However it grapples with the big questions, and shows a scholar’s […]